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Environment & sustainability

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Environment & sustainability

The Studio Hotel - First Partner Collection values the environment and sustainability. We demonstrate our commitment within several areas, including housekeeping, food & beverages, property management as well as delivery and waste disposal.

We do not clean rooms unnecessarily and have reduced the frequency of cleaning days for guests on extended stays. We also do not change bedlinen every day, and we only change towels if they are left lying on the floor. We also make strict demands on our laundry suppliers, who only wash the linen using completely CO2-neutral machines at low temperatures. All floors in the corridors and social areas, i.e. almost half of the building, are cleaned using ultrapure and completely chemical-free water.

Food and beverages
Breakfast is prepared from scratch using only locally produced organic produce. To reduce food waste, we have narrowed the choice of dishes, which are prepared using prime ingredients. We avoid single-use plastic and instead use degradable materials such as bamboo. To further minimize food waste, we always try to use every part of the natural produce, and we also collaborate with Karma.

The property
The property itself has been awarded the highest environmental classification, LEED Gold. Heating and cooling is automatically adjusted according to weather conditions. There are motion detectors on all floors so lamps are not kept switched on unnecessarily. In hotel rooms, the lighting is managed by light switch. All the lighting in the building is low-energy. We now also offer our guests charging points for their electric vehicles.[KW1] 

Delivery & waste disposal
We strive to have as few deliveries as possible, and that these deliveries should be coordinated for the entire building. We are meticulous with our waste sorting. The logistics of waste sporting take place back-of-house as well as on each guest floor. Food waste is minimised, and what little waste we have is collected in degradable bags without plastic.