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Price guarantee

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When booking more than six rooms, please contact the hotel directly. Special booking terms may apply.

Price guarantee

We guarantee the best price online at all First Hotels when booking on our website. If you find a lower price at the same hotel, with the same conditions, our price guarantee will ensure you a 25 % discount on our Non-Refundable, Prepay price.

Price guarantee terms

  • The price guarantee only applies to bookings performed at
  • The price guarantee only applies to hotels within the First Hotels chain, except for our Partner Collection hotels.
  • Our most affordable price is non-refundable
  • Hotels or room type cannot be changed
  • The price guarantee does not apply to canceled or changed bookings
  • Requests/claims related to the price guarantee must be made no less than 24 hours prior to arrival

The price guarantee does not apply to

  • Special offers, campaigns, member prices, company agreements, package prices, group prices, conferences or currency changes/differences
  • Bookings done with other payment and/or booking terms (different number of people, other room category, date or arrival time).
  • Currency changes
  • Price differences of 1 krone or less than per night or room (SEK/NOK/DKK). This is due to different rounding rules at different booking sites.
  • Bookings done with more than 24 hour time difference to the price comparison
  • Claims for price difference done within 24 hours of stay

The terms above may be eligible for change at any time. The terms published at the time of the booking applies.

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