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Hotel History

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Hotel History

History of First Hotel Brommaplan

In 1954, Stockholm’s metro line expanded to Brommaplan and with it, many new possibilities opened up in the Northwest of Stockholm. Bromma became an attractive area. Before the metro, the only public transportation to Bromma was by taking the Nockeby Light Rail-line through the residential area, Bromma’s Garden Village.

In the mid-1950s, Bromma’s Baptist Church, with its 160 members, was given permission to expand on its site to build property. In September 1957, the hotel Bromma Hotel Annex was ready and it was considered a “little brother” to Hotel Bromma on the other side of the metro station.

*Article from May 1957

Next to Bromma Hotel Annex, a bank (Restaurant Sorbon today), a bakery (an Indian restaurant today) and a church (still standing) were also built. Paster Ingvar Laxvik, Director Sven Östling in Linjeflyg and architect/designer Örjan Lüning lead the project, and the Resos Company was to maintain daily operation

Across the street towards Brommaplan, a redbrick building stands today. The building was also included in the original project display of the area from 1948 and functioned as a Post Office. Today, the building houses a brokerage firm in addition to the gym center SATS.

Eventually, Bromma Hotel Annex was renamed to Flyghotellet (airplane hotel) due to its proximity to Bromma Airport. In 2016, the hotel joined First Hotels under the name First Hotel Brommaplan. Two years later, they received the price of Franchise Hotel of the Year 2018!