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Conference activities

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Conference activities

We organise fun and inspiring team building activities when you are having your conference or meeting with us.

Interactive Tablet Fun
Interactive team games on tablets. Fun games that suit everyone.

Creative Mission
Make your way around the neighbourhood and solve various challenges. Choose missions that benefit your team's skills the most.

Also available as an indoor option for e.g. the conference centre or your office.

Code Hunt
30 codes are hidden in the vicinity. Find them and use the codes to unlock thorny tasks or questions.

This is a fast-paced activity where you get to work in teams and use your interpersonal skills under stress and time pressure.

Dinner Game
The game helps you quickly loosen up and achieve a convivial, friendly atmosphere at your dinner party.

The game in which you compete in teams creates wonderful and engaging conversation topics.

Sumo wrestling, teamwork, gladiator or bungee run, archery and finally Segway.

Here you will need dexterity, IQ, strength and balance. The team with the best mix of skills wins.

Big Five
Compete with other teams all over Sweden simultaneously. This is a concept for large groups (40 -200 people). No waiting and a lot of fun.

Exclusive Triathlon
While the sumo wrestling and zorb football (bumper ball) tournament take place, the Segway track is open for practice so you can gain an advantage.

The finals usually see surprising developments amongst the teams.

Segway Race
A really popular activity on the move.

The instructor teaches you how to use the Segway and will also be the referee of the team and individual races.

Soapbox car Race
Each team is given exactly the same kit that includes construction materials and tools so they can build a unique soapbox car in creative and imaginative ways.

Bull ride
Nothing beats the mechanised rodeo activity (or bull ride) in our Wild West theme area.

Additionally, there is also lassoing and rifle shooting.

Water Activities
Try various kinds of water activities such as stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking and canoeing. We are happy to arrange competitions, too.