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Things to do on Gotland

Gotland is one of Sweden's most popular tourist destinations. The island's magical nature and character varies from south to north where Västös Strand is located. The resort is located four kilometers north of Kappelshamn by Kappelhamnsviken.

On Gotland you will find beautiful natural areas, museums, fishing villages and over 50 beaches, mixed with limestone cliffs and lakes scattered throughout the island. If you are looking for a cultural holiday, you can enjoy everything from concerts and theater performances to guided tours, markets, and exhibitions. Gotland is a dream destination for the adventurous!

Fårö, Gotland


Just "around the corner" you find Fårö, a small island north of Gotland, perhaps best known as Ingemar Bergman’s beloved refuge.

There is a good reason why the famous auteur fell in love with this island. Here you can experience beautiful pristine nature and enjoy the salty sea air and fragrance of seaweed as you stroll along sandy beaches and gaze across the endless horizon.

Be sure to visit the Bergman Center while you are on Fårö to learn more about Bergman’s life and film-making. Also, be sure to check the ferry departure times in advance.

woman in car

Gotland Ring

Do you like to drive fast? Or always wondered how it feels like driving like a race car driver?

15 km from the resort is Gotland Ring, the world’s first sustainable race track, and also the world’s longest with its 7.3 km.

It is possible to test out the track, and your car or motorcycle, driving with your vehicle on site.

Go to Gotland Ring homepage to book, and for more information.

Play Golf

Be sure to bring your golf clubs when you stay with us. There are many golf clubs and golf courses on Gotland.

The nearest golf course from the resort is Slite Golfklubb, located 25 min away by car.

Enjoy a round of golf and return to your Beach Villa, relax by the pool or hang out on the rooftop terrace watching the sun set in the sea.


Blue Lagoon

There are many beautiful oases on Gotland, but if you visit the northern part of the island, for example on the way to or from Fårö, we recommend a stopover at the Blue Lagoon.

The Blue Lagoon was originally a limestone quarry that is now water-filled and a popular sunbathing destination.

There are no kiosks nearby so bring your packed lunch if you are planning a longer stay.

Lummelunda Cave

Lummelunda Cave

A 30-minute drive from the resort you find the Lummelunda Cave. A guided tour through the magnificent rock formations with wondrous fossils takes you 400 million years back in time. You will gain insight into how the cave was created and how it was discovered in the late 1940s.

The trip takes approx. 30 minutes and if you are a bit of a shiver bone then we recommend bringing a warm sweater or jacket as the temperature stays around 4-8C year-round.

The Lummelunda Cave is a designated nature reserve and you are not permitted to bring dogs or strollers/prams.