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Things to do in Nørrebro, Copenhagen

Stay at Q Apartments Nørrebro – First Partner Collection and experience the vibrant and culturally diverse Copenhagen neighbourhood of Nørrebro. Here, local attractions are rooted in local history and are enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

Hang out in the sun on the bridge across the lakes, visit the Superkilen global park popular with families, skateboarders and all the locals.

Assistens Cemetery, Copenhagen. Image.

Assistens Cemetery

The city’s monumental cemetery is a melting pot of religions and offers a fascinating insight into burial traditions over centuries. Here you find the final resting place of many famous Danes, such as fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen and philosopher Søren Kierkegaard.

The Assistens Cemetery also doubles as a lush park where locals enjoy picnics among the many exotic trees and leaping squirrels.

Queen Louise Bridge, Copenhagen. Image.

Dronning Louises Bro

The bridge connecting inner Copenhagen with buzzing Nørrebro, Dronning Louises Bro, is a major bicycle highway – and on sun-kissed days it also doubles as a favoured hangout spot for locals listening to a little jive and beat.

The bridge was built in 1887. At each end, you find small mounds of grass that cover WWII fallout shelters. Here, locals would picnic and enjoy the view.

Photo: Martin Heiberg

Superkilen Park, Copenhagen. Image.


Superkilen is a creative public space in the Nørrebro neighbourhood jointly masterminded by the BIG Group, Superflex and Topotek1. The global park is designed with street and park furnishing from the counties of origin of the multitude of ethnicities represented in the neighbourhood.

The park is divided into two main areas: The Red Square and Black Square. While the Red Square offers a setting for modern urban life with café, open-air music, playgrounds and sports, the Black Square is an Instagram favourite among travellers with its vivid stripped tarmac, swaying palm trees and small viewpoint hilltop. A perfect spot for a coffee break or picnic.