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How FirstCoins are earned

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2. How FirstCoins are earned // Member tiers

Here you can read about how FirstCoins are earned and about the different member tiers.

2.1 FirstCoins are awarded based on your purchases at First Hotels.

At our partner hotels, referred to as by First Hotels*, you will only earn FirstCoins by direct booking on our website

Members are awarded FirstCoins corresponding to between 2 - 5% of purchases depending on the membership tier. Read more under section 3.10. The value of FirstCoins always equals Norwegian kroner (1 FirstCoin = 1 NOK) and the value is converted to local currency when FirstCoins are redeemed for purchases outside Norway.

2.2 Members are responsible for submitting their First Member ID (email address) at the time of booking as well as at check-in at the hotel.

2.3 FirstCoins are awarded for personal stays only. When paying for other people’s stay, no FirstCoins are awarded.

2.4 FirstCoins can only be awarded to one member per room.

2.5 FirstCoins and stays are registered from the date the membership is created. Post-registration of stays made before membership is not possible.

2.6 No bonus points are awarded for purchases paid for with FirstCoins. With partial payment, FirstCoins are awarded on the basis of the part of the purchase not paid for with FirstCoins.

2.7 Most regular rates, promotional web deals on and contract prices entitle you to FirstCoins. 

FirstCoins are not awarded for stays booked through third-party websites (such as,, or for reward nights, bonus nights (i.e. SAS EuroBonus and SJ Prio bonus nights), bookings made by tour operators, long stay bookings or stays based on sponsorship rates or other special agreements. FirstCoins are also awarded for extra purchases made at the hotel (i.e. purchases not mentioned in section 2.9) provided the purchases are made in combination with a booking valid for earning FirstCoins. FirstCoins are only awarded for purchases at dining venues operated by First Hotels.

2.8 When staying at Partnerhotell/by First Hotels*, it will only be possible to receive bonus earnings where the reservation is made from You must first log in to your First Member profile to receive any promotional prices and earn FirstCoins. It is also possible to earn points with our partners, see sections 1.10 and 1.11.

2.9 Members are not awarded FirstCoins for purchases of goods and services that the hotel does not produce or gain revenues from, such as external services, parking services, laundry services or cash games.

2.10 With seminar and conference activities, FirstCoins are not awarded for the hire of conference space or for the purchase of day packages. With accommodation, FirstCoins are awarded separately.

2.11 Accrued FirstCoins will automatically expire after three years, always on the 31st of December. FirstCoins are valid throughout the year in which they are earned as well as the three following years. For example, FirstCoins earned in August 2023 will expire on 31 December 2026.

2.12 When redeeming FirstCoins, the oldest FirstCoins are always used first.

2.13 Post-registration of FirstCoins can be made when logged on to your member account on the First Hotels website or via email to First Member Support, or by contacting the hotel where the member stayed. Deadline for post-registration is six months after the date of check-out.

2.14 Awarded FirstCoins will be credited to your First Member account immediately after checking out from the hotel.

2.15 First Member has four membership tiers: Silver, Gold, Platinum and Black. Your membership tier is determined by the number of valid nights (see section 2.7) you have made during three full years plus the year in which you joined the loyalty program (effective of 1 January 2018).

As soon as you reach a new tier, you will be upgraded and will retain this tier for three years. The number of nights required for each tier is:
Silver: Welcome level
Gold: After staying for 3 nights
Platinum: After staying for 15 nights
Black: After staying for 30 nights

* Partner hotel / by First Hotels are the following hotels:
 - Brommavik Hotel - First Partner Collection
 - Bryne Hotell - First Partner Collection
 - City Central Hotel Örebro - First Partner Collection
 - Foldens Hotel - First Partner Collection
 - Hotel Frederikshavn - First Partner Collection
 - Hotel Skandia - First Partner Collection
 - Hotel SØMA - First Partner Collection
 - Hotell Kung Gösta - First Partner Collection
 - Hotell Rådhuset - First Partner Collection
 - Kysthotellet - First Partner Collection
 - Montra Skaga Hotel - First Partner Collection
 - Prinsen Hotel - First Partner Collection
 - Skagen Hotel - First Partner Collection
 - Skagen Motel - First Partner Collection
 - Skårungen - First Partner Collection
 - The Studio Hotel - First Partner Collection
 - Utsikten Hotell Kvinesdal - First Partner Collection
 - Q Apartments - First Partner Collection
 - Queen’s Hotel - First Partner Collection
 - Västös Strand by First Hotels