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Tips on things to do in Säffle

Are you up for exploring Säffle? Maybe an evening at SäffleOperan, a trip to one of the Viking age monuments, or just a stroll along the river Byälven will suit you.

See our tips on things to do in Säffle below, or speak to a member of our staff if you need more inspiration or ideas of what to do while visiting.

Söderhamn Sverige

The old water tower

The 45-metre water tower has become somewhat of a symbol for Säffle.

The tower, which was built in 1914, was designed by architect Ivar Justus Tengbom, who is also the creator of other famous buildings, such as the Matchstick Palace (Tändstickspalatset) in Stockholm and the Stockholm Concert Hall.

Säffle’s old water tower, which is located next to the hotel, houses an art centre and is accessible to the public during seasonal opening days.


Olof Trätälja's barrow

Located by Säffle’s old water tower in central Säffle is Olof Trätalje’s Royal Barrow.

Olof Trätälja was a Swedish king of the Ynglinga dynasty and is mentioned as the son of Ingjald Illråde in Snorre Sturlason’s Ynglinga saga in the saga collection Heimskringla.

The barrow, which is unusually large, dates from the early Iron Age and is just one of several ancient monuments one can visit in and around Säffle.


Ancient monuments in Säffle

Säffle and its environs are rich in ancient monuments of various kinds.

Here are a few good and recommendable ideas, whether you are heading out on a daytrip or only have a few hours available: The interesting rock carving at Ulvudden , the Royal Barrow in Kungssäter by the city’s river, Högsäter mound and Värmlands Viking Centre, which has is open to the public during the summer season.



Säffle Opera (Säffle Opera) is located by the city riverfront an approx. 10-minute walk from the hotel.

Enjoy the opportunity while in Säffle to experience a musical or theatre performance of the finest quality. End the evening with a lovely dinner in our restaurant.