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When booking more than six rooms, please contact the hotel directly. Special booking terms may apply.

4. Other information

Here you can read other important information regarding the First Member Terms and Conditions.

4.1 First Member is an electronic based service. Member communication therefore primarily takes place via the internet and email.

4.2 First Hotels accepts no liability for errors in or subsequent changes to information in published material in relation to, for example, benefits, discounts and prices.

4.3 Membership benefits and terms and conditions regarding bonus points may change. The updated terms and conditions will always be available at

4.4 First Hotels reserves the right to amend or terminate the First Member Program without notice or compensation.

4.5 Upon termination of membership, all bonus points and information about the member will be deleted from the member database.

4.6 Members can change contact information by logging on to their member webpages. If you wish to change the email address registered with your membership (First Member ID), this must be done in writing through First Member Support.

4.7 Disputes concerning membership terms and conditions shall be settled in accordance with Norwegian law. Disputes shall be settled by Norwegian courts.