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1. Membership of the First Member Loyalty Program // Consent & Communications

Here you can read the terms and conditions of First Hotels’ loyalty program, First Member.

1.1 Membership of First Member is granted only to persons over the age of 18. Companies and other legal entities cannot become members of First Member. Membership is personal.

1.2 Joining the First Member loyalty program is free of charge, but qualifying purchases are required in order to earn FirstCoins, except in the case of the complimentary welcome bonus of 50 FirstCoins.

1.3 When you become a member, all information about your membership will be sent to the registered email address. No physical membership cards are issued.

1.4 The email address you submit is used as your First Member ID and acts as your member username.

1.5 In the event of abuse of membership, breach of membership conditions, inappropriate behaviour at our hotels and criminal acts or similar, First Hotels reserves the right to terminate membership and delete accrued points.

1.6 As a member you have the right to terminate your membership at any time. The termination must be made in writing to Please refer to our Privacy Policy for further information about the processing and deletion of your personal data.

1.7 Members must keep themselves informed on the Terms and Conditions of the First Member program.


1.8 When signing up as a First Member, it is required to consent to receive information and offers from First Hotels about the company’s and partner’s products. Members must give their consent to receive this via email, phone, text message and other digital channels in order to be eligible to join the programme, but are free to withdraw their consent at any time.

First Hotels issues information, news and segmented offers based on personal information, booking history and campaign response via email, text message and other digital marketing media. Membership can thereby provide a better experience to those who have given their consent.

Member consent is voluntary, and any part of this consent can be changed at any time. Consent can be managed by logging into the member account ("Update my profile").

1.9 The registered personal data will only be processed and stored with the purpose of providing information about the membership and to manage the membership and coordinate offers and activities. If the member wishes to receive bonus points from one of our partners, cf. section 1.11, personal data and accommodation history will be transferred to these partners.

1.10 First Member membership cannot be used in combination with other loyalty programs, and in relation to our partners SJ Prio and SAS EuroBonus, you have the choice of earning points on your stay either with SJ Prio or SAS EuroBonus – in addition to earning FirstCoins. It is not possible to earn points from all three loyalty programs at the same time.

1.11 Only registered First Members can earn either SAS EuroBonus or SJ Prio bonus points at First Hotels.