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Book Direct and win the stay for free!

Book Direct and win the stay for free!

Wouldn’t it be great with a free summer holiday this year? Being able to take the family on a magical holiday – or what about a romantic stay for two, a trip with your beloved ones, or just heading off alone to relax at one of our hotels in Sweden, Norway, Denmark or Iceland?

Every day throughout June, we draw a lucky winner among those who have booked a stay directly via – and now gets the entire stay with us free.

So, book directly at and automatically enjoy a chance to win your stay free!

Ordering and stay period


Order from 4 to 30 June
Stay all year

Other booking conditions

  • Everyone booking directly via takes part in the draw
  • Winners are published here on this website every day throughout June
  • Winners on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays will be published on Mondays
  • We reserve the right to publish the winner on our website and Facebook page

Overview of winners: 
Anne Rajalan 30/6, Kjell Svensson 29/6, Lars Stilling Pedersen 28/6, Karin Broholm 27/6, Stian Godtfredsen 26/6, Pierre Gauffin 25/6, Håkan Hesselius 24/6, Joakim Myller 23/6, Julia Oleinikov 22/6, Anders Askerlund 21/6, Paolo Medini 20/6, Jonas Larsson 19/6, Toralv Østvang 18/6, Matthew Long 17/6, Peter Hermansson 16/6, Klara Lindahl 15/6, Kirsti Mengshoel 14/6, Niklas Strömqvist 13/6, Jacob Schousgaard 12/6, Mattias Kjörling 11/6, Frederik Næsted 10/6, Marcus Yng 9/6, Jarle Jangaard 8/6, Julia Bergdahl 7/6, Reidar Børtveit 6/6, Thomas A. Kjeldbaek 5/6, Fanny Bronken 4/6.

Order: Book Direct and win the stay for free!

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When booking more than six rooms, please contact the hotel directly. Special booking terms may apply.

Hotels taking part in the campaign