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HACK Harriets Comedy Club

Offer: HACK Harriets Comedy Club

Harriets launches a new exciting collaboration with stand-up artist Erik Moberg born from Åsele. Erik lived earlier in Stockholm, where he performed at the Norra Brunn and Stockholm Comedy Club. Now he is hosting the three hack of the spring, where he performs himself with a local and one of Sweden's most popular stand-upers

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This offer includes:

  • Entrance to Stand-up
  • Lovely after work buffet 

Ordering and stay period

  • 28 september 2018 with Hasse Brontén
  • 2 November 2018 with Christoffer Appelquist
  • 23 November with Henrik Hjelt
  • 14 Debember with Zinat Pirzadeh

Other booking conditions

For booking, please contact us: +46 90 15 80 50

From 395,- SEK per person

Order: HACK Harriets Comedy Club

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