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Things To Do in Tällberg

Are you visiting – or planning to visit – Tällberg in Dalarna? You’ve probably heard about top attractions such as the Orsa Predator Park, Lake Siljan and Dalhalla open-air stage.

But Tällberg and its surroundings has much more to offer. See our tips on things to do below, or speak to a member of our staff if you need more inspiration or ideas of what to do while visiting.


Lake Siljan

A stone’s throw from the hotel you find Lake Siljan, which is a great place to visit no matter the season.

Here you will find lovely bathing areas, playgrounds and hiking trails. If you would like a summer voyage aboard the steamboat S/S Engelbrekt or heritage vessel M/S Gustaf Wasa then head to Rättvik or Leksand.

When the ice is safe on the lake, you can go ice skating or you can strap on your skies and set off on a beautiful nature experience with views to the snowscapes. Return to the hotel with rosy cheeks for a lovely dinner.

Dalecarlian horses

Dalecarlian horse

In Nusnäs, about 40 minutes by car from Tällberg, the iconic Dalecarlian horses are produced, which with their long tradition have become not only a symbol of Mora and Dalecarlia (Dalarna) but all of Sweden.

The horses are crafted and painted by hand, and you can follow the work closely and hear the story in the woodcraft stores. Visit Grannas A Olsson Hemslöjd or Nils Olsson Hemslöjd for prices, ordering and delivery of your own Dalecarlian horse.

dalhalla outdoor arena

Dalhalla Open-air Stage

Going to a concert or seeing a play at the magnificent Dalhallascenen open-air stage? Then staying at one of our hotels in Tällberg would be a perfect choice, located only about 25 minutes by car from Dalhallascenen.

The old limestone quarry where both Swedish and international artists perform all kinds of music genres is an amazing experience. The towering and almost vertical limestone cliffs as well as the emerald green water of the lagoon provide a completely unique ambiance and sound that just needs to be experienced.

Orsa Predator Park

An hour's drive from the hotel is Northern Europe's largest predator park, namely Orsa Predator Park (Orsa Rovdjurspark). Here you can see bears, Siberian tigers, leopards, lynx and many more exciting animals. In addition, there is also the world's second largest polar bear facility, Polar World.

Plan a full day for your visit to ensure that you have enough time to see the whole park. There are both restaurants and cafes in the park, if you do not wish to bring your own lunch bag.

Zorn House & Zorn Museum

Visit the home of one of Sweden's greatest artists. In Mora, about 50 minutes by car from Tällberg and the hotel, is the Zorn House - the home of Anders Zorn, and his wife Emma. In this unusual artist's home, you can see how Anders and Emma Zorn mixed different art styles, Dalecarlian traditions and custom-designed furniture to decorate their home.

Also, take the opportunity to visit the Zorn Museum, which contains the world's largest collection of Anders Zorn's works including watercolors paintings, sculptures, etchings and oil paintings.