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Tips on things to do in Sundsvall

Are you looking for things to do in Sundsvall? The hotel is a good starting point if you like to take the kids to the Himlabadet waterpark, or explore the outdoor area Norra Berget.

See our tips on things to do in Sundsvall below, or speak to a member of our staff if you need more inspiration or ideas of what to do while visiting.


For families visiting Sundsvall, a full day in the Himlabadet waterpark is almost a must.

Named Sweden’s best waterpark and with several kinds of water slides, a climbing wall with various challenges, Jacuzzi, surf stream and much more, it’s easy for all ages to have fun.

Himlabadet is located a 5 or 10-minute drive from the hotel.

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Sidsjöns outdoor area

If you need to find peace of mind after a hectic shopping trip in Sundsvall or a long working day, we recommend Sidsjön outdoor area.

Located 3 km from the city centre you will find a natural oasis for both relaxation and activities.

There is a 3.1 km long exercise route around the lake, canoe rental, angling, a cabin and more.



At Sidsjöns outdoor area you will find Sidsjöbacken with family activities.

During the winter, there are three ski slopes with ski jumps. There is also ski rental, a cabin and ski lifts that take you to the top.

When the lake is frozen, you can also go skating.


Norra Berget

Norra Berget is one of the region’s most visited excursion destinations located 10 minutes by car from the hotel. Here, nature and local heritage combine. There are playgrounds, shops and restaurants, making this leafy haven a place for all ages.

Climb the 22-meter-tall view tower (known as "Glasspinn" or the “Ice cream stick”) and enjoy the fantastic views of Sundsvall and the bay, visit the maritime and crafts museum Sjöfarts- och Hantverksmuseet or check out the animals living on the mountain. Maybe you can pat a little lamb!


Kulturmagasinet (i.e. the "Culture Warehouse") is the place to experience culture in Sundsvall.

The old harbour warehouses are home to the Sundsvall Museum and the Sundsvall City Library where most cultural events take place.

Kulturmagasinet is within walking distance of the hotel.