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Climbingpark Domkirkeodden

Climbingpark with historical sus

Along the Mjøsa lake, at Domkirkeodden in Hamar, is Climbingpark Domkirkeodden. An urban highland park, where proximity to the city, history and elements become central.

Ordering and stay period

Tuesday and Thursday excluding holidays: 17.00-20.00.
Saturday, Sunday and all days in school holidays: 11.00-18.00

Other booking conditions

Please inform us your desired date when booking your accommodation, or let us know on the check in time and we will book for you.

Children under 115 cm, kr. 150, - per person (green trail).
Children 115-140 cm, kr. 250, - per person (even blue trail).
Children / adults over 140 cm, kr. 310, - per person (all trails).