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Use your bonus points

With your First Member points you can redeem hotel nights on all First Hotels in Scandinavia. You can also use your points as payment in our restaurants. One bonus night is valid for 2 persons in a standard double room, and breakfast is always included. You can also give your bonus nights away as gifts to friends and family.

The points price for a bonus night varies from hotel to hotel. There are three different hotel categories on our Scandinavian hotels;

Additional information

Availability and booking method

Hotel rooms that can be booked for reward nights are subject to availability at each hotel. Additionally, there are individual days where the hotels are not able to receive bookings for reward nights. You can book your reward stays from our website by logging on to your member pages or by contacting our First Member Support.

Reward stays involving either more than two persons per room or categories other than Standard Double

When booking a reward stay that involves more than two persons per room or stays in room categories other than Standard Double, a booking request must be sent by email to

Please include your membership number and information about the number of persons per room as well as the desired date, city and hotel.

Please also include information about whether you wish to pay extra fees (e.g. for upgrades / extra bed/cot) with bonus points or by card/cash upon arrival at the hotel.