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  • All children between 0-12 years stay free in parents' bed
  • 12+ = adult
  • Extra bed or baby cot = kr 200,-per day

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Booking Conditions First Hotels

Booking Conditions First Hotels


We guaranteee the best price online at all First Hotels when booking on our website. If you find a lower price at the same hotel, with the same conditions, our price guarantee will ensure you a 25 % discount on our WebDeal price.

WebDeal Terms:

  • The Price Guarantee only applies to online bookings made on First Hotels’ website.
  • WebDeal is not refundable.
  • Hotel or room type may not be changed.

Price Guarantee Terms:

  • Applies only to bookings executed on www.firsthotels.com.
  • Applies only applies to hotels in First Hotels.
  • Applies only to pre-booking - not re-booking.
  • Read more below.

More info and other WebDeal Price guarantee terms

First Flex

The following terms apply to First Flex:

  • You can cancel a First Flex booking on our website. Cancellation of a booking must be made at 16:00 at the latest on the day of arrival.. If you cancel after 16:00 local time you will be charged for an extra night. If the hotel has had special expenses related to your reservation, you have to cover these. 
  • Flex price booking with Check-in before 16:00:
    Must be payed at the hotel. Payment on the hotel requires that you check in before 16:00 on the specified date. If you check in after 16:00, if you do not show up at the hotel, or if you cancel your booking after 16:00 local time, you will be charged for an extra night on the respective First Hotel. If the hotel has had special expenses related to your reservation you have to cover these.
  • Flex price booking with Check-in after 16:00:
    The first night is to be pre-paid on our webpage.

Member, campaign, and contract prices

There are special rules and conditions for conference, group, member and promotional prices. See terms and conditions described in the contracts, campaign pages or member page.

Booking and confirmation

A booking is binding from the time you receive a booking number or any other type of confirmation. The conformation is produced electronically via the booking system and / or per e-mail. When placing a reservation ordering, please fill in your name, address, date of arrival and departure, as well as how the payment should be undertaken. There are different rules for different price categories, see above for details.

To book a room at First Hotels you must be over 18. If you are less than 18 years old either the booker or the parents must stay at the hotel simultaneously (however, they must not necessarily stay in the room). If you book room for persons under 18 years old, you are held responsible no matter if you stay in the room with the minor or not.

For security reasons, we only allow our employees and checked-in guests access to hotel rooms and other booked rooms.

Arrival and departure

The hotel room is normally at your disposal from 15:00 on the date of arrival. However, the disposal time may vary depending on the hotel, so please contact the specific hotel for further info.

On the day of departure, you must vacate the room between 11:00 and 12:00 noon. This may vary from each hotel, so please contact the specific hotel for further indo. If you will be arriving later than 16:00, you must guarantee your late arrival with a credit card. If you do not guarantee your late arrival or have not prepaid your stay the hotel may cancel your reservation at 16:00 and re-sell it. No vacant room guarantee will be provided.

Deposit upon check-in

Please note that the hotel you are staying on may require a deposit from you upon check-in. The deposit may be paid either cash or with credit card.

Early departure and open-end stays

If you have booked for a particular time period but depart earlier, you will be charged for the same amount applying for late cancellation. If you stay at the hotel for an open-ended period and extend your stay by one night at a time, you should notify the hotel of your departure by 16.00 local time the day before. Otherwise, you will be charged for an extra night. If the hotel can no longer keep the room available for you, you are entitled to be informed of this fact by 18.00 the day before departure is required.

Earning and ussage of First Member points

Earning and redeeming First Member points at all First Hotels in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Spain. All regular rates and promotional rates on our website as well as contract rates entitle you to bonus point accrual. Points are not awarded for reward nights, bonus stays, lodging booked through third party websites (such as hotels.com, expedia.com, booking.com) or tour operators, long-term stays (over 20 nights) as part of long-term stay agreements, crew stays, or stays based on sponsorship rates or other special agreements. All additional purchases that you pay directly for at the hotels grant you bonus points. Bonus points can be redeemed for reward stays at First Hotels or at our restaurants.

Read here for full terms and conditions for First Member